Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Would you like to change the way you think and act about your challenges in life , managing difficulties with your anxiety, or feeling low , or being self -critical, suffering from stress of life/work.

I offer CBT, Evidenced Based Practice , according to NICE Guidelines ,in a safe , pleasant environment, where you will receive Psychological Treatment. There is good research to suggest that CBT helps to treat individuals suffering from the Anxiety Disorders andLow mood. Ioffer treatment to with adults and adolescents (age range 13-18years old)and develop individual treatment plans to best suit your needs.

I offer Assessment, Treatment and a Relapse Prevention plan to help you with your recovery and maintain positive changes in your thinking and behaviours.

I have a special interest in working with people who have suffered from a Road Traffic accidents,
Post traumatic Stress Disorder, Manging self- critical thoughts and behaviours, Panic disorder, Social Anxiety , Generalised Anxiety Disorder, OCD, Stress Management, Poor sleep patterns

As a Therapist, I offer a professional skilled friendly approach.I have a strong belief that you can achieve your goals to manage challenging personal mental health issues.

If you would like a clear and engaging approach, do give me a call.

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